Company AGRO GROUP d.o.o. was founded in 2001 in Brčko District. Initially, the main activity of the company was the trade in cereals and oilseeds in large and small quantities. Through continuous development and improvement company expanded the activity in the segment of mineral fertilizers, storage, production and cereal production, distribution of premixed, concetrates and forage.

Headquarters of AGRO GROUP d.o.o. company is located in street of Ive Andrica number 4 in Brčko District. Company performs its business in two locations in the Republic of Srpska, on the territory of the municipality of Šamac at the address Njegoševa br.24 as well as Novo Selo.

Since its inception, AGRO GROUP d.o.o. constantly evolving, and from the initial 2 workers, currently there are 25 employees with the tendency of further expansion and development, and an annual turnover of over 75,000 t of various types of goods.

The company has over 20,000 tons of storage capacity, modern and modern agricultural machinery.


Trade in cereals and oilseeds
in the segment of trading in cereals and oilseeds, items are:
  • Wheat;

  • Corn;

  • Barley;

  • Produce;

In the segment of wholesale oil wholesales and a few basic items are:
  • Soya (grain);

  • Sunflower (grain);

  • Rapeseed;

  • Soybean meal;

  • Sunflower sauce;

  • Harvest of rapeseed;

- In the mineral fertilizer segment, the basic items are:
NPK fertilizers of different formulations and renowned producers from the region.
- n the segment of trade and distribution of premixes, concentrates and ready-to-eat fodder we are importers and general agents for the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina of the renowned brands of brands KOUDIJS and DE HEUS from the Netherlands.


In the part of the business dealing with storage, the company has silo storage facilities of 20,000 tons, warehouse space of the floor type with capacity of approximately 700 tons of indoor and covered space at Njegoševa br. 24 in Šamac. A part of the rented storage space of a floor type with the capacity of approximately 1500 t is used in the port of Brčko.

In addition to storing, we also dry the cereals and oil plants for which we have a modern dryer with a capacity of 15 t / h of grain.


Part of business of AGRO GROUP d.o.o. Brčko has focused on the production and cultivation of cereals within which it disposes and processes about 500 ha of land in the municipality of Šamac. With the highly skilled staff, the full application of agro technical marines, modern agricultural mechanization, significant results are achieved, and as the main seed crops most represented: wheat, corn, rapeseed, soy.


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